What the actual heck is going on?  Find all of the answers here:

Yes, this is a real thing!

Yes, we will place you on a team.

NO!  Anyone can be involved – this is all about having the most fun possible for a human to experience, and no one should miss out.

NO.  You don’t have to sing to rock this party.  You can just dance, wear costumes, or provide props as a supporting actor.

For a full season, you need at least 6 players with at least 3 of either sex.  We recommend 8 players and we may add free agents to your team if you have fewer than 8.

Don’t want to sing?  Being a supporting actor is just helping your team by going on stage and doing what feels right.  See our photos and videos for some examples of supporting actors having the time of their lives!

This ain’t your mama’s karaoke.  ALPHAbar Karaoke League provides an environment where you can be creative and perform your songs at a level never seen at a regular open mic karaoke night.  Your league organizer will work with you, the KJ (karaoke jockey), and the bar management to make sure that you get to perform your song EXACTLY how you want to!  You get professional photos and full video of your performances to share with your friends online!  Team stats and results are tracked and posted online!  You also get to make new friends and awesome memories!


Yes, we can do whatever you want!

We have enough judges so if you want to be involved we need you to sign up as a singer or supporting actor!

Teams seem to think so but there is no official rule regarding this.