“Why is there a waffle griddle and a clothing iron plugged in on stage?”
Russel, our KJ
“…full of wonky and outrageous people passionately doing wonky outrageous things, leading to vastly entertaining madness. What’s not to love?”
Team Leader, Choral Pleasure
“ALPHAbar rocks because you get to sing with your best friends, make new ones, and live out your Broadway dreams on the small (bar) stage. Making it rain glitter is always a plus.”
Team Leader, Bad Pitches
“The league welcomes everyone no matter how proficient they are. I am constantly pleased by how supportive everyone is of each other…it’s really cool to be a part of that and to make people feel good about each other.”

Come battle it out in a team-based karaoke league!

Have you ever competed in a karaoke league?  Your team will be judged on how well you SING IT and how well you BRING IT!  Sign up as a team, a small group, or just by yourself!  We’ll put you on a full team before the season begins.  Leagues are starting soon in Indianapolis!

Every week is a new theme: 80s, 90s, Disney, Show tunes, movie soundtracks, oldies, and more.  We have a professional grade wireless headset mic so your hands are free to do whatever you want!  See here for more information.


Team-based karaoke!


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